HiVAR Studio is an architectural visualisation company based in Singapore, delivering consistent high-quality 3D renderings and animations worldwide. We are fast, efficient and always deliver on time. Our professionalism and communication skills make us easy to work with and the end product is nothing short of impressive! Our track record also shows a variety of project types from residential to commercial buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and more — showing our versatility in this industry.

Still Image

A set of realistic, high-resolution 3D architectural still images, exterior and interior renderings from multiple angles and viewpoints. Every render is a very lively interpretation for its design. Our renderings bring abstract blueprints to life with stunning depth, color, and reality.


A professionally cut and edited 3D walkthrough of your project in a high resolution, high quality and professional movie that your audience will love. Virtual reality for architecture enables the user to virtually enter your project and have a full-spectrum, superb quality view of the entire property.


A fully immersive walk-through experienced through a Virtual Reality headset.

360 Virtual Tours

In today’s environment, your clients can view compelling 360 virtual tours from the comfort of their own home providing quality leads and faster sales.

Plan Presentation

Photoshop Plan presentation

3D Modelling

Revit and Sketchup Modelling

Tulasi and Girish

We are extremely happy with your work & ideas. All works are done very neatly and your team has been very understanding in meeting our requirements. Your handyman has also done very good job. We always praise about Carpenter’s humanity. Thank you Suchi for making our dream come true! We love our house! Look forward to coming back home from hectic day at work! Thanks so much to you and your team at HiVAR.

The Hills

Thanks for the hard work and all your help. Very happy with what we have come up with.

Urban Development

Perfect! I really appreciate you and your team working so hard for us! View looks phenomenal! You did an incredible job taking “suggestions” from everyone, interpreting them while editing on the fly. The fact that you were able to get to such a clean finished product is a huge testament to you and your ability to handle all the moving parts while living on the other side of the globe! If any of them cause a delay or extra work to the point that it makes you have to back track, please ignore, as you’ve already knocked it out of the park! Views look phenomenal! Thanks so much for everything!

Scottsdale Homes

Our dealings with HiVAR were very smooth and easy. All through the process HiVAR handled our project professionally and diligently. As Suchi has an architectural background it was very easy to explain to her our requirements. We found them reasonably priced and they provided the 3D renders ahead of agreed date. The results are fantastic!

Revolutionary Architecture

The owner and his representative were really happy with the renderings!  Thank you so much.

I’ll keep you posted for any other opportunities.

Aviran Group

Aviran play school project from conception to execution was awarded to HiVAR Studio. Many Innovative ideas, unique mood images and commendable designs were provided by HiVAR team. Design and execution of basement play school was difficult and challenging. But support at each and every step was provided and flawless project execution was ensured. Space utilization was done in an optimum manner and every mandatory legal compliance was followed. All necessary safety provisions and guidelines were suggested . We are fully satisfied with the job and services provided.

Scott Luedecke

Suchi, thanks for your quick response and ability/willingness to help us on this project! I have reviewed your portfolio from the two links you provided, and I must say I am extremely impressed! Incredible level of detail – from the materials used, the lighting fixtures, landscaping… They really look like photographs!

Arch Trulock

Thanks Suchi. Looks great! Before you respond to my previous email, I want you to know that I think that you did a great job for us. I am very pleased with what you have done. You interpreted many opinions and suggestions and produced a fine product for the fee.

I certainly plan on using you again as I need more 3d renderings which I do occasionally. They will be much more simplistic and not near as challenging as this one has been. Ha Ha! Thanks for you hard work. We really appreciate it.



Suchi Gupta is Founder & Project Manager at HiVAR Studio with 14+ years of experience. She is responsible for coordinating all the project activities to ensure smooth workflow. She also manages all the clients, along with sourcing and procurement. Prior to starting on her own venture she has worked with Studio IGG for almost 2 years, and Jacobs Engineering for 9 years in Architecture & Project Management. While off-work, she loves baking & experimenting with new cuisines.

Suchi Gupta

Anuj Gupta

Anuj is Co-Founder at HiVAR Studio with 12+ years of experience in the field of Management & International Business. He is actively looking into expansion of HiVAR client network around the globe & manage client relationships. Besides this, he is involved in commodity trading business and start ups. He is an MBA graduate from Singapore and has been residing in Singapore for past 15 years. While off work he loves travelling and outdoor sports.

Dhritika Sharma

Dhritika is an Architectural graduate with 10+ years of experience in the field of Architecture & Interior design, involved in execution of hotels, Institutes, corporate offices and villas. Leading HiVAR’s USA & Canada market, her focus has always been delivering projects in promised time and budget without compromising the quality. She has a keen interest in recycle of unused objects. Learning and exploring with her daughter makes her life full of wonder and bliss.

Jahzeel Magdadaro

Jahzeel is a Filipina Architect with expertise in BIM Implementation, BIM Standards Management & Content Creation, Computational Design, and BIM Software Training. She has worked for over 8 years implementing and managing BIM for various projects in Singapore with a 3-year experience in data centres and over 5 years in Residential, Commercial, & Infrastructure projects.

She is highly proficient in several BIM/CADD software & tools such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Dynamo and Sketchup.

April G.

April is an Architect who is also an experienced social media manager and content writer. She has a decade of experience in these fields and carries with her a portfolio of global clients before joining HiVAR Team.

Drawn into the arts and literature, April spends most of her free time painting, reading, or updating her blog. She is also passionate about community outreach and advocates for environmental protection.

Rosco Peters

Hardworking, organized, and meticulously driven individual who’s able to work in a fast-paced environment both autonomously and within a team. I have 4 years of professional experience within the industry and have fondly completed numerous commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

I am proficient in Revit and able to combine drawing expertise, technical knowledge, 3D Modelling/Rendering and visual arts to create design proposals that are both technically accurate and visually appealing.

Core Values HiVAR

Clients Are our Partner

Success of our clients is the only measure of effectiveness for us.


Responsibility and Involvement

When we take a project, we do it the best we can.


Openness to New Experiences

Challenge is the best teacher and source of inspiration for an Artist.

Operate with transparency

Communicating internally and externally with honesty and respect.


Think big

We never settle — in everything we do, we challenge our ideas.



Step up, drive it, and deliver it. We collaborate, communicate, and we’re accountable.


One stop service

We offer our clients various services as a package for their project’s visualization needs.


On Time Delivery

With our dedicated teams for each service, we are able to satisfy tasks within our short time frames. Generally, 1 minute of video takes 2-3 weeks and 2-3 images takes 5-7 days to create.


Best Quality

With our commitment to quality and sharp details, your projects are always monitored by our skilled teams.

Value Engineering

We provide and advise our clients on cost-saving alternatives or options as better solutions, whenever applicable.

Gobal Footprint

HiVAR is proud to provide visualization services worldwide.


Impeccable service

We aim to deliver a seamless experience for all our clients through our excellent communication skills and deliverables.


Well priced

Our quotes are purely based on the scope of each project. Our bespoke services come with the most reasonable prices given our high-quality output.


Professional Relations

We build strong professional connections with our clients and delivers our services with professionalism.

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